“This is not just a John Denver Tribute- this show is truly an amazing experience! The music and spirit of John Denver amazed and thrilled the audience!!”
– And Magazine

Looking like entertainment icon John Denver is one thing. Sounding like him, too, is – well, comparable to a “Rocky Mountain High” for the incomparable singer-songwriter Rick Schuler.

Rick has assembled a band and show that capture the essence of the legendary musician in every respect.

Louisiana-born and Missouri-raised, Rick Schuler was a mere 13 years old when comparisons to the then wildly popular Denver began. When researching his “superstar” body double, Schuler discovered he could sing like him, too, and soon taught himself to play guitar. The first piece he mastered was Denver’s melodic and widely revered “Sunshine on My Shoulders.” His first public performance came three years later at age 16 in a talent show featuring Six Flags amusement park employees. While only a chicken cook at the time, Schuler’s rendition of “Rocky Mountain High” garnered a standing ovation from the crowd of thousands.

At 18, Rick was featured on a TV show, Incredible Kids & Co., on CBS (KMOX) which ultimately aired on numerous network affiliates across the country. After a subsequent featured radio performance on The Jack Carney Show starring as “the John Denver guy,” Rick eventually moved out to California to pursue his own Americana songwriting career while continuing to perform Denver’s music at a variety of venues across America.

Rick’s Denver-inspired country roads lead him to Aspen, Colorado, where he attended his first John Denver tribute (the 13th annual) in memory of the popular entertainer’s life and music. During the course of the two-day event, Rick met several of Denver’s former band mates and close friends who were nothing short of astonished by the similarities the two shared in look, sound and musical talent.

Whether you’re a Denver devotee or not, you’ll want to catch one of Rick Schuler’s upcoming performances. Rest assured you’ll leave singing his praises and Thanking God for this Country Boy’s truly amazing talent.